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One of the biggest rivals to Reebok in the competitive Cross Training and Crossfit shoe market has to be ASICS. Just a few short years ago, Reebok had total domination of the market. But with the explosion of Crossfit across the globe, all of the big sports shoe players are competing for their piece of the Cross Training pie.

ASICs has launched a fantastic range of shoes for both men and women that are targeted at the Crossfit market, and with their long heritage of making comfortable running shoes that seem to last forever, you know that ASICS Crossfit shoes are going to be built to perform.

So here are our three favorite ASICS Crossfit Shoes For Women, as ranked by our beautiful team of cross trainers:

The Top Three ASICS Crossfit Shoes For Women

#3 – ASICS Women’s Gel Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel Fit Sana Cross-Training shoe is especially designed to take your performance and training to the next level. You can count on support where it is needed the most, and you’ll love the comfortable fit with the patented Mono-Sock construction. If you train hard or run fast, this type of neutral performance shoe is perfect for your needs. The lightweight design keeps your foot on the ground and allows you to speed through your workouts. ASICS classic gel cushioning helps to minimize shock and helps to transition your foot to mid-stance.

#2 – ASICS Women’s GEL-Craze TR 2 Cross-Training Shoes

This one is another neutral shoe designed for high arched wearers who do not need ample support. This shoe is the best combination of a running shoe and a training shoe for those who are will to compromise a little for a great all-rounder. As a running shoe, you will feel very strong and smooth because of the specialized platform which adjusts to the strike style of the individual as well as the load and the foot positioning. Sideways support is also supreme, with ample grip on most surfaces.

#1 – ASICS Women’s GEL-Fortius 2 Cross-Training Shoes

ASICS Women’s GEL-Fortius Cross Trainer will help you to elevate your Crossfit workouts to a higher level and give you the confidence to perform more advanced exercises . The double-stitched construction of the shoe ensures stability and longevity. These neutral support shoes are designed to last for a long time with abrasion resistant medial and strongly reinforced toe cap.

Where to buy the best ASICS Crossfit Shoes?

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