Types of CrossFit Shoes to Use When Working Out

One of the most important pieces of fitness gear you can wear are your shoes. If you’re running you probably need some sort of jogging shoe, if you’re playing basketball then a basketball shoes is the obvious choice, playing tennis or some kind of court based game and you got it, court shoes! Football, Soccer, Baseball, Golfing and yet again they have shoes named exactly for their given sport.

So what exactly do you wear for CrossFit which takes many aspect from several sports, some running, some gymnastics, some weight lifting, and a bunch of a whole lot of other things…

There is no single shoe that is perfect for everything so in CrossFit, we tend to come prepared with at least two pair of different styled shoes. One pair that’s kind of good for basic lateral movements and one pair that is better suited for heavy weight lifting. If a lot of running is involved it’s a good idea to grab some jogging shoes but usually our running session are basically sprints and so it’s best to stick with the jack of all trade standard CrossFit shoe.

Our favorite Crossfit Shoe is the Inov-8 F-lite 195 Cross-Training Shoe, due to its lightweight and stable design with lots of cushioning. What’s your favorite?