Best Crossfit Shoes For Women

top five best crossfit shoes for women reviewed

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Ever since joining our local Crossfit Box here in Encino, we’re always hearing questions from fellow fitness freaks about what is the best gear to use to get the most out of each Crossfit workout. Everyone has their own favorites, so we thought we’d share some of ours online to help out the wider Crossfit community.

The most common question from the new girls at our box is what are the best Crossfit shoes for Women? Well, we’ve tried a few and we’re always chatting with the other girls, so here’s a list of our top five shoes to help you smash out new personal bests at each WOD.

What to look for in the best Crossfit shoes for women

The criteria that we look for in a pair of shoes is based on our personal Crossfit experience as well as observation of others from beginners through to experienced athletes, and watching how they perform when they workout and compete with different competition shoes.

The main things we look for in shoes are comfort, support, longevity, and of course, price! Our priority is on comfort and support.

You’re going to be wearing these shoes a few times a week and you’re going to be smashing out some pretty intense routines. So the main thing is ensuring that you’re not going to sustain an injury as a result of wearing the wrong shoes.

Poor fitting shoes, or shoes with inadequate support and grip could easily lead to disaster. Slipping over while under load could result in a serious injury, anything from a sprained ankle to broken bones or even a head injury if you land wrong. It’s just not worth working out in shoes that aren’t specifically designed for Crossfit-style training.

The best Crossfit shoes for women will be light weight, super comfy, sturdy and provide plenty of support without slipping.

So with all this in mind, lets have a look at a few of our faves…

The Top Five Best Crossfit Shoes For Women

Based on the key criteria that we look for in a pair of training shoes as well as our personal experience and feedback from other Crossfit fanatics, the following are our five favorite shoes for women:

Asics Gel Crossfit Shoes For Women

#5 – ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoe

Asics have an amazing history of manufacturing quality fitness shoes since the 1940s. Their technology has come along way, and the Sana womens training shoes are fantastic for Crossfit. We’ve found the Asics Sana‘s to be a super confortable shoe with their convenient slip on design and classic gel comfort soles. They’re lightweight, breathable and great for anyone on a budget who wants a great shoe that’s going to last. Check out some reviews for the Asics Sana on Amazon to see what others think.

New Balance Best Crossfit Shoes For Women

#4 – New Balance Women’s WX811 Training Shoe

Available in 13 funky color combinations, the New Balance WX811 is an awesome, often overlooked women’s shoe for Crossfit. This shoe is a high performance trainer with plenty of cushioning, great for box jumps and high impact workouts. Super lightweight but quality where it counts, these shoes will give your plenty of bang for your buck. And the low cut design makes them versatile for a variety of workout types.

PUMA Best Crossfit Shoe For Women

#3 PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Cross-Training Shoe

Want to be pretty in Pink? Then you’ll love the look of PUMA’s latest Crossfit & Training shoes for women. The upper shoes features a two-toned mesh with bonded synthetics while the sole is rubber with EVA & Bubble technology. What does that mean? Who knows! But they’re super comfy and provide great support throughout your WOD. There’s plenty of padding but they’re also very lightweight. We like them alot! And so you lots of others – check out the reviews…

nike best womens crossfit shoes reviewed

#2 Nike Womens TR Fit 4 5 Cross Training Shoes

You’re guaranteed to stand out in the crowd with this fantastic Nike Crossfit shoes with limited edition prints in some crazy color combinations. These are a great all-round shoe, ideal for Crossfit as well as general cardio, aerobics, Zumba, etc. These superb women’s Crossfit shoes are designed for multidirectional movement with a lightweight, breathable mesh upper that offers superior support. With over 700 positive reviews on Amazon, you know you’re on a winner with these. We love the lightweight design, and fashionable patterns.

Which brings us to the number one best Crossfit shoes for women that we love…

reebok best crossfit shoes for women

#1 – Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 5.0 Training Shoe

What can we say about the the Reebok Nano? This is the gold standard for Crossfit training, and with good reason. The current version of the Nano has evolved over the last few years into arguably the best Crossfit shoes for women, due to their durable, sturdy design, and their lightweight and comfortable fit. I’ve been in my current pair of Nano’s for three months now and they still feel like they’re brand new. The rubber soles have loads of grip and they provide plenty of support whether you’re doing box jumps or double unders. We also found that this is one of the best Crossfit shoes for women with flat feet. These things are about as close to perfect as you’re going to get. I don’t know how they’re going to improve the next version! So get yourself a pair of Reebok Nano’s on Amazon today!

Where to buy the Best Crossfit Shoes For Women?

There are plenty of places where you can buy top quality Crossfit shoes, everywhere from your local gym or Crossfit box, to your sports stores and plenty of other online stores. but the best variety and prices is going to be on Amazon. The #1 shoe, the Reebok Nano as well as all of the other shoes we’ve reviewed are on Amazon right now, just click the button below…

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